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Education Lawyer Serving Medical & Other Professional Students, Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students

Education is a vital component in today’s world. The learning experience shapes the future lives of students, their families and their communities. Education is core to the American way of life. But, issues that threaten a student’s education experience can be especially problematic and impactful when they occur at institutions of higher learning such as colleges, universities and professional schools. The threat of dismissal, program access or other school issue can impair the student’s future quality of life and place potential earning power and career path opportunities in jeopardy. Education Rights Group serves medical students, professional students, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

Dismissals, Suspensions, Disability Discrimination, and Due Process

Many students and parents unexpectedly find themselves faced with a dismissal, suspension, disability discrimination, or other act by a school that seems to be unfair and unwarranted. Often, these actions by a professional school, college, or university can have a significant and life-changing impact on a person’s future. We have many years of experience of assessing whether a school’s action is legally justified and aggressively advocating and litigating for our clients when a school takes unfair and excessive actions.

At Education Rights Group, our focus is on resolving education-related disputes – amicably, when possible, and through litigation when necessary. We represent clients in education matters who are students, parents and teachers. From our Las Vegas-based office, we provide legal counsel to clients throughout the United States. We understand the critical nature that opportunities in education have in the lives of our clients and ensure their rights are protected. We represent clients in education law cases involving:

  • Dismissal, Suspension and Discipline
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Due Process and Equal Protection
  • Free Speech Violations, including Retaliation for Speaking Out
  • Title IX/Sex Discrimination
  • Search and Seizure
  • Issues involving Religion
  • Admissions Processes
  • FERPA- Educational Records Privacy
  • Special Education Plans and IDEA